A Complete Muscle Mass-Building Program

You don’t build muscle mass by only adding a weight-training regime. There’s just more to building muscle mass than simply lifting weights — although lifting weights is a part of successfully building muscle mass.

You must force your muscles to grow. Your body works basically like all human bodies. You put calories and nutrients into your body with the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, and the supplements you take. Your body then takes those calories and nutrients and uses them is a way that was determined eons ago. The body takes in the calories and nutrients and separates the necessary from the unnecessary. The unnecessary is expelled through the bowels and the kidneys. Then your body goes to work with the „good.“ First, your body uses the calories and nutrients to supply the energy necessary to keep all systems working. The second order of business is to replace dying cells in every part of the body. The third step is to store any excess as a hedge against future starvation. That’s it.

A german example for: schneller muskelaufbau and an other example: Bodybuilding

You’ll notice that nowhere along the way does the body just make new muscle for no reason. That’s why you need a complete muscle mass-building program. You have to force your body to use calories and nutrients to build new muscle, and the only way you can do that is by damaging the muscle you have so that your body will have to repair the damage.

You cause muscle damage by lifting weight repeatedly. Small tears develop in the muscle, and the muscle finally reaches the point where it cannot respond to your demand. It’s called „muscle failure.“ That sounds negative, but it’s actually the first positive step to building new muscle. The other steps are providing the correct nutrition to the body and then resting and letting the body repair the damage.

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